Our Story

We feel passionate about delivering quality and consistency by
only usingthe freshest and finest ingredients in our kitchens.Why? Well it’s simple; good quality food tastes better.

The story behind the big mac™

The story behind
the big mac™


the story behind the fries

The story behind
the fries


100% Natural Quality

We work closely with suppliers we know and trust to ensure that we deliver food made from 100% high-grade quality ingredients.

McDonald’s requests the highest specifications and standards in all areas concerned with product ingredients including production details, transport and delivery methods.

Premium Potatoes

Our McDonald's™ famous French Fries are produced from only the finest quality premium potatoes, grown in Matougues in the north of France. Our fries are known for their perfect shape and golden colour.

Leafy Greens

Our lettuce comes from McDonald’s™ Flagship Farms across Europe. Only the finest Iceberg lettuces make it to our restaurants and are known for their mild flavour and crunchy texture.

Red, Plump Tomatoes

Planted and monitored from seed to fruit, our tomatoes are grown according to the highest farming standards. This ensures that our juicy tomatoes are of high-quality and are produced in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Quality Selected Onions

Our onions are grown in a 50 hectare area in Italy in rotation with cereals. Only the highest quality onions make it through the peeling and de-skinning process and right into our burgers.

A Signature Espresso

Our specifically designed espresso is made from a blend of the highest quality coffee beans selected from ecologically sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Our Beef

100% Beef Prime Cuts

Our beef patties are made from 100% high quality beef that originates from European farms, the majority of which are in Italy. We only use cuts of the highest quality boneless muscle meat from the flank, forequarter and hindquarter of our cattle.


100% Minced Beef

Only the highest quality of 100% pure beef makes it to this stage. The meat is delivered to the factory respecting standard cold chain procedures and is closely controlled under strict specifications for food quality before being minced. Nothing is added or taken away from the beef – preservatives, additives, binders or fillers are never used.



Shaping to
100% Beef Patties

The minced meat is shaped into hamburger patties without the addition of any other ingredients in order to guarantee a consistent level of quality. The patties are then flash-frozen, packed carefully and transported to our restaurants where they are immediately stocked in our cold rooms.


Grilling and Serving
100% Beef Burgers

All of our burgers are always grilled and never fried. We use a clamshell grill to cook them from both sides simultaneously. Once ready, the patties are then seasoned with a light sprinkling of salt and pepper and served warm.

All our suppliers are able to trace back a burger patty, through an ID number attributed to all of our cattle, in around three hours.

Our Potatoes

100% Premium Potatoes Make Good Fries

Only the best potatoes guarantee that we are able to serve fries that are golden and crispy on the outside, and warm and fluffy inside every time. We select only the highest grades of Russet Burbank and Shepody potato varieties in order to ensure that our fries are always as great as you remember them.


Cleaning and Peeling

Once potatoes have been selected and washed thoroughly, they are delivered to our facilities and subjected to an additional quality check. Steam pressure at 210°C is used to separate the peel from the flesh and manual trimming and further quality inspections are carried out. Potatoes are then preheated to 40 - 50°C in order to improve cutting efficiency.


Cutting and Packaging

Potatoes are propelled at 100kmph towards a cutter block in order to obtain the longest fries possible and any defective fries are removed. Fries are then blanched, dried and after pre-cooked for a minute at 175°C, pre-cooled, flash-frozen, packed and transported to our restaurants respecting standard cold chain procedures.


100% Potatoes Make Golden Fries

No flavourings are added to our Fries apart from a sprinkling of salt prior to serving. Over 50 quality checks are performed throughout the potatoes journey from farm to restaurant which leads to our characteristically shaped, long, golden fries.



“For more than 60 years we have been selecting excellent origins and using the most advanced technology in order to offer our customers the best blends our passion allows us to develop. Our effort to offer outstanding quality coffees is the measure of 20 years of success as McDonald’s suppliers.”



“To produce McDonald’s French Fries, we monitor more than 50 quality attributes covering physical checks as well as organoleptic checks throughout the production line; from truck arrival until the final product leaves our factory.”



“We are proud to supply McDonald’s with our products that include lettuce, onions and tomatoes. This allows us to share our food quality tradition with all of our customers all the way from seed straight to your next McMenu meal.”



“All the McDonald’s beef patties have to pass microbiological and organoleptic tests before to be shipped out to the restaurants. We are committed to continue serving safe and delicious burgers to all our guests at McDonald’s.”