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  • "What is “Happy Monday”?"

    Since its inception, “Happy Monday” has become increasingly popular with children and parents
    alike. On the first Monday of the month, we offer a free portion of fruit to anyone who purchases a
    Happy Meal. We like to think of this as our good deed of the day!

  • "Where do you source your Happy Meal toys from?"

    Our toy production requests simply do not exist in the UK or European Industry. We have
    long-standing relationships with all the factories in which McDonald’s toys are produced. All of
    these factories are requested to adhere to the McDonald’s Code of Conduct which provides strict
    guidelines regarding suppliers’ hiring practices, working conditions and compliance with all local

  • "How do I go about organising a birthday party at McDonald’s?"

    Simply contact your preferred restaurant directly! One of our dedicated staff members will assist
    you with any information you might require or queries that you might have.

  • "My Happy Meal toy is damaged. What can I do about it?"

    Should your toy not be working properly, we suggest you contact the restaurant staff where you
    bought your Happy Meal from directly or contact a customer service representative.

  • "Is the Happy Meal healthy?"

    We pay special attention to the nutritional values in kids’ meals, and this is why we offer
    the Happy Meal, which has been specially created for kids. This meal offers a structured and
    comprehensive menu and includes a main food option, a side, a dessert and a drink. These portions
    are intentionally smaller than those found in adult meals.

    Additionally, dessert options have also been specially designed for children and include a yoghurt
    drink or a fruit option.

    Detailed nutritional value information can be found alongside every product description on this