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  • "Are your sandwiches extremely high in calories?"

    All of our sandwiches are composed of a number of ingredients that include a main protein food
    source (meat, bacon, chicken or fish), a bun or tortilla, melted cheese, vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes,
    onions, cucumbers etc.) and a sauce, which in turn, all contribute towards the sandwich’s final
    caloric value.

    We can therefore state that sandwich calories are more or less dependent on their composition.
    Our wide range allows every customer to make informed choices based on their personal tastes and

  • "I heard that a McDonald’s Menu meal contains half my daily caloric needs – is this true?"

    This generally depends on the products you choose (type of beverage, sandwich and dessert choice). Some meals represent more than one third of our daily energy needs, however a balanced diet should not be represented by a single meal! When you eat any meal that is high in calories, then it is necessary to limit your calorie intake during the next meal in order to strike a healthy balance. This principle should be applied to all nutrients (fats, sugars, salt, etc.). For instance, if you select a menu consisting of a sandwich, fries, a soda and a dessert, then opt for a lighter dinner rich in fruits and vegetables.

  • "You only offer carbonated sugary drinks at McDonald’s!"

    This is entirely not true. Our drinks menu offers a range of non-carbonated drinks such as water,
    juice and ice teas as well as sugar free carbonated drinks such as Coca Cola Light and Coca Cola Zero.

    Our orange juice is made from 100% orange concentrate with no added sugars.

  • "Ideally, we should consume 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Is this possible at McDonald’s?"

    Yes! We have 3 fresh salad meal options available and we now also offer a side salad choice instead of French fries (available with both regular meals and happy Meals.) Additionally, kids have the option of choosing a Pom’Potes stewed apple dessert or fresh apple slices.

  • "What is “Happy Monday”?"

    Since its inception, “Happy Monday” has become increasingly popular with children and parents
    alike. On the first Monday of the month, we offer a free portion of fruit to anyone who purchases a
    Happy Meal. We like to think of this as our good deed of the day!

  • "Why don’t you offer organic options?"

    In 2012 we introduced organic yoghurt for kids as part of the Happy Meal. We plan on
    introducing further organic products to our range in the future, should the opportunity arise. In
    this day and age, it is impossible for us to serve a very wide range of organic products, due to our
    increased demands and current agricultural production capacity.

  • "Is the Happy Meal healthy?"

    We pay special attention to the nutritional values in kids’ meals, and this is why we offer
    the Happy Meal, which has been specially created for kids. This meal offers a structured and
    comprehensive menu and includes a main food option, a side, a dessert and a drink. These portions
    are intentionally smaller than those found in adult meals.

    Additionally, dessert options have also been specially designed for children and include a yoghurt
    drink or a fruit.

    Nutritional Information can be found in the product description section on this website.