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  • "What is your most healthy meal?"

    We believe that all of our products can form part of a healthy, balanced diet. We are committed
    to helping our customers here in Malta make informed and balanced dining choices by providing
    nutritional information as well as a full list of ingredients for all of our products.

  • "Where does your beef come from?"

    100% of beef served in our restaurants here in Malta is grown in Europe, the majority originating
    from Italy.

  • "How can McDonald’s guarantee the quality of its ingredients?"

    We are highly committed to ensuring the best quality of all of our ingredients by implementing constant quality audits of all of our suppliers. This, backed by a strict computerised product traceability system, ensures that we are able to check the source of any ingredient and monitor its progress along our logistic chain. This means that through this information system, we can actually check what wheat a particular bun is made from, where it originated, where the bun was baked and so on! This system applies to all our ingredients here at McDonald’s.

  • "How do you ensure hygiene and food safety in your restaurants?"

    All of our food is cooked and prepared according to strict hygiene and food safety practices. For more information about how this carried out kindly visit our “Behind the scenes” and “Quality” pages.

  • "What oil is used in your restaurants? Does it contain animal fat (lard)?"

    None of our products contain lard. Our cooking oil is a specially prepared blend of rapeseed and
    sunflower oil. This blend has been carefully formulated to remove all artificial Trans Fatty Acids
    (TFA), leaving only naturally occurring TFA, which represent 2%.. During the last 8 years, the levels of
    TFA in all of our products have been significantly reduced from 30% to 2%.