The Hot Lot

Spicy and Scrumptious. Can you handle the heat?

There would be no Hot Lot without the new Hot Wings! Perfectly coated with a delicious bold, spicy batter, our Hot Wings are crunchy on the outside and juicy and steamy on the inside. Ready to be devoured, this 5-piece party can be enjoyed as McMenu or as a side.
Will you Dip or Dive? The Hot Devil dip lives up to its name and gives a nice hot kick to our wings, fries, wedges… you name it. The question is, how will you handle the heat?


We entice you...  We dare you...  ...Noooo... We challenge you...

…to dive into our Hot Devil Dip with our new hot wings and tag us @mcdonaldsmalta using #spicychallenge #dontchickenout. Don’t forget to challenge one of your fiery/fearful friends!

Hot tip : Keep your milkshakes at the ready!


Limited Edition.