Teen Titans Go!
Power up your kid’s creativity with the NEW Teen Titans Go! colouring kits, now in your Happy Meal!

This is indeed a new type of fun bonding activity for the whole family! Each Teen Titans Go! Happy Meal includes a poster, stickers and coloured pencils!

With the 8 NEW Happy Meal colouring kits, you and your little ones can design and create the world of your favourite Teen Titans characters. Unleash their creative streak and experiment with the colours, designs, and patterns of the Teen Titans posters and stickers while having valuable family time together. Through this, your kids will surely enjoy colouring and art as much as they have fun playing with toys.

Get a Teen Titans Go! Happy Meal now and create your masterpieces! Don’t forget to share your precious work of art and tag @mcdonaldsmalta.

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