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We have a mouse problem!

The most iconic cartoon characters are back; now available in every Happy Meal®. Get ready as Tom sets up quirky traps and help Jerry make a break from Tom’s obstacles! There’s so much to learn from these cheeky frenemies. 

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The Tiny Detectives

Why do stars twinkle

One evening, Olly wanted to put off going to bed, so he cleverly thought of a big question. ‘Why do stars twinkle?’ he asked. Dad was already falling asleep, but a really good question always woke Dad up.

‘This is a job for the Tiny Detectives!’ he said, enthusiastically opening his eyes. ‘Let’s find a book about Space and quickly find out the answer.’

‘Maybe Bo and Beetle should stay here though,’ frowned Mum. ‘It IS way past Bo’s bedtime.’


The Tiny Detectives

Can animals walk on water?

One day, Bo was watching the rain come down outside, when he thought of a big question. ‘Are there any animals that can walk on water?’

‘Don’t be silly, Bo,’ replied Olly, who was the eldest, so he always thought he knew best. ‘Walking on water is impossible!’ ‘Hmm, we’ll see,’ said Mum. ‘Let’s jump in a book and find out…’

So the Tiny Detectives climbed the bookcase and Mum picked out a book called RIVERS OF CENTRAL AMERICA.